Is your dating site really safe?

Internet dating site such as may be a great solution to meet new folks – and possibly locate ‘the one’ – but it is important to help keep your wits about you and protect your own privacy and safety, first and foremost.

Top hints you are dealing with a scammer on an online dating

  1. They are not who they appear to be: scammers steal photos and profiles from actual individuals to produce an appealing facade. Run search words within their description, and a Google picture search on photos to test when they are the real deal.
  2. They ask you for cash: once the connection’s been made – be it as a buddy, admirer or business associate – scammers will ask you to transfer cash. Do not fall for a tall tale, no matter how plausible it sounds.

How you can stay safe on internet dating sites

Consider the following before you subscribe to an online dating service:

  • Read terms and conditions so you understand just how much it is going to cost and that which you’re signing up to.
  • Place reminders in your phone or diary to cancel your subscription to avoid inadvertently rolling over to get a further term.
  • Assess your choices for cancelling the contract.
  • Create a separate email address for online dating.
  • Never include personal information for example your real work, workplace, name or house address, birthday or telephone number, in your profile.
  • Do an inverse Google picture search on photos of profiles to check for credibility.
  • When you meet somebody for the very first time, select a public place, where you are going, tell a friend and keep the first meeting brief and low-cost, including grabbing a cup of coffee.
  • Do not let somebody new drop you at your dwelling or pick you up.
  • Never send cash to someone you have only ever contacted online or on the telephone.